Monday, 13 February 2012

Valentines Day

My thoughts on St. Valentine's Day...

The idea of Valentines day is wonderful.. A day dedicated to showing the one you love how much you love them is fantastic. Roses, chocolates..hopefully Lindt, candles, lingerie and all things love, who can hate that? 
I cry at weddings and romantic comedies, so any celebration of love gets a thumbs up from me. 
I know that Valentines day is widely commercialized; corporations push consumerism under the pretax of love..yati yata..blah blah.. Who cares? 
Die hard liberals will say; why not show your loved one you love them everyday..why do you need a day where people try to sell you stuff to express your love?  Truth of the matter is that if you are in a relationship or you have been in one at one point or another in your life, you know that's easier said than done. 
Why not have a day where you remind your loved one that  they mean the world to you? What's the harm? 
You don't need to spend anything to support the unscrupulous corporations that are using love to push product; all I'm saying is what will it change if on V day you make breakfast in bed for the love of your life or you drive them to work just to make their life easier. If you can do these things everyday that would of course be lovely.  
I can understand the argument that V day attempts to put a price on love, however I also subscribe to the belief that you can never show too much love for your love. 
I respect people with strong views and ideals but I feel Valentines day is not the enemy, crime, cancer and corruption are perhaps far better advisories to take on. 
So I hope on V day, you will fall in-love all over again with the person you've loved for years..make someone feel special and appreciated, let someone know they are loved just because they are who they are...give someone a kiss, or receive one..
Why not let this Valentines day be the day you let that person know that you want to spend the rest of your life with them..?
I'm just saying.

Saturday, 11 February 2012


Last night I watched Safe House starring the amazingly talented Denzel Washington (who I just love) and some other people...whom I vaguely recall. Safe house is mostly shot in Cape Town and throughout the movie amazing references are made to our beautiful county...from Green point stadium to our very own local grape the Pinotage. As a South African this movie is soo cool to watch..To hear Denzel saying he's going to Langa Township just makes you want to jump on your chair for joy and the movie generously showcases the beauty that is Cape Town.
If for no other reason watch this movie just to see Denzel yet again completely immerse himself and become the role..
Unfortunately like most of you I did not know he was in town at the time of the shoot, therefore I missed the great opportunity to stalk him..and the opportunity of being an extra on the movie.."girl on street" would have suited me just fine. 
Enough said..go watch it.
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