Saturday, 31 March 2012


Zara JHB is one of the saving graces of fashion. A cute dress here and a boy-friend blazer there, at somewhat reasonable prices keep me going back.
However the shop assistants at Zara are the most sour and morose bunch I have come cross in a while.
If it’s not the snooty gate keeper at the fitting rooms unable to even say hello, his interest only on scanning the clothes and keeping you behind the line; then it’s the sulky walk around-s whom I thought were there to be my personal shopper, however I soon realized how wrong I was when a request for a different size led to a gloomy shop girl dragging herself across the store as though the sound of her shoes were reminding me how much they didn't need my money.

What a pity and a shame because I really like Zara. But the clothes aren’t worth the abuse of the fitting room assistant shouting at you to stay behind the line. I may be a bit sensitive but If I am spending my money I damn well deserve some respect.  

Saturday, 3 March 2012

Blue hearts

This is what I wore to Saturday brunch..
My mom bought this dress for me at Melts. I was a little unsure at first about it. It is floor leghnth, and loose fitting with a floral print pattern.
I wore the dress with flats and a blue hat. This hat is from Mr price and is perfect for a sunny lazy afternoons.

About the outfit:
- Dress- Melts
- Sling bag- Woolworths
- Hat- Mr Price
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