Friday, 17 May 2013

The great Gatsby premier

ELLESA magazine, Waner Bros and Monte Casino hosted the South African premier of the Great Gatsby last night.
The evening had a chill in the air warmed only by the icy martinis served through out out the night cutesy of Martini. 20's style was the order of the day, I however opted for a more 60's style silhouette velvet dress.

Advice from Malcom Kluk and Christian of KLUK CGDT is that if you are going to do a 1920's look for daytime wear; only select one piece from this era. If you wear the dropped waist dress, don't wear the head piece as well and wear minimal pearls..that way you won't look too costumey.

The movie The great Gatsby is a visual feast in 3D; if for nothing else go and watch it for the costumes and the Gatsby parties. You will certainly feel like your weekends are too tame.  

The highlight of the night was running into my fave designer Thula Sindi. I had chatted to him over email and twitter before but never in person. He is so down to earth and low key and easy going, we had a quick chat in-between cocktails and took some pics of course. 

The evening was a lot of fun. 

Thula and Me


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