Sunday, 13 September 2015

My Stylish Saturday

This weekend I attended Mrs Regoro's style seminar. The room was filled with stunning women, impeccably dressed and holding the prettiest virgin cocktails in the most elegant manner. You would have never thought that these women, each of them had a body part they wanted to change or hide. As Natasjja went through how to dress for your body; she asked the most explosive question of all - what body part do you dislike. Words were flung  around the room as if to see who could do it the loudest; my butt, my legs, my tummy area, my neck. My arms my friend shouted! Me too I said supportively. Natasjja tried her best to assure all of us that there are ways to dress to hide your perceived flaws.

What I took from the seminar is that love your body, make peace with it; dress for your body type so that you are comfortable, take focus away from your insecurities. And don't let rules stop you from expressing your true self through clothes.

Visit Mrs Rogero's blog to find out more about her styling services.

This is what I wore:

Denim Shirt Dress| Zara| Sandals| Steve Madden| Belt| Old| Bag| Forever New| Lipstick| Mac

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