Saturday, 28 January 2012


Look what lovely things I found; the best part is how cheap they are..
Chanel chic!.is this crop jacket, bound to add a touch of class to an outfit. Mr Price is selling it at a complete steal..R139.

Its made from from crotchet like fabric and has 1/3 lenghth sleeves. The stitching is really good on it too.
This is one of my best finds ever.

The black borders are a leather like fabric and they add a little edge to this jacket.

These peep toe boots are both cute and tough at the same time. Pretty tough to resist at Edgars for R349. I love the leather buckles and the peep toe is too cute.

Is n't this the cutest satchel bag you've ever seen?
There is also a back ,white and grey version. Retailing at a not so bad R250 at Woolworths. Satchel bags are back this season and for seasons to come hopefully...I'm loving this trend very much.

Wednesday, 25 January 2012


Rent a designer bag..

This reminds me of a scene from Sex and the City the movie, Jennifer Hudson playing Carrie's assistant is explaining to Carrie how the baby Louis Vuitton under her arm is hers for the week.

If you are burdened with the love for authentic designer bags but you just haven't quite managed to save up enough money for that Jimmy Choo you adore..well why not just hire it?

Designer bags is a company that allows you to change bags as often as you want without spending an entire car deposit; the only catch is that after a week or a month you must return the bag.
Their website allows you to browse the available stock and choose the designer bag you just cannot live without for a week. Once you've paid the quoted fee the bag will be delivered to your doorstep...easy peasy.

Designer bags on offer include Alexander Mc Queen, Louis Vuitton, Jimmy Choo, Burberry and YSL. It will cost you R1400 to rent a Louis Vuitton  for 7 days and R800 for a Fendi. 

This is for the trendy fashionista with a limited budget and fabulous taste.

Friday, 20 January 2012


So you have a respectable collection of shoes..that leaves many green with envy and leaves your mother questioning where she went wrong.
But there is one problem you have, well three problems really.
1.You don't have a walk in shoe closet like Blair Wardolf (sorry, gossip girl fan),
2. Your shoes are squashed at the bottom of your clothing closet, which by the way is not nearly big enough for all your fabulousness,
3. All the other shoe storage alternatives in the market are horrible and not pretty at all.

This is why I am sooo excited I found this fantastic, well priced amazing shoe rack. It is actually called the amazing shoe rack. It stacks up to 30 pairs of shoes and it retails at an unbelievable know you can't even get a pair of good shoes for that amount. This means if you are really blessed and have 90 pairs of shoes you can buy 3 of these shoe racks without breaking the bank. This is temporary of course until you build that walk in closet.

Google it or go to this website to buy it
Once they receive your payment they ship it to you or you can pick it up at their Centurion offices.

Let me know your thoughts.


Tuesday, 17 January 2012


 "..everybody has a heaven, I feel in heaven when I'm making something you love and you'll never work a day in your life.."- Morgan Freeman 
This is an extract from his Golden globe acceptance speech. I felt inspired when I heard him, and I considered my heaven.

Fashion is art.
It is a story of sorrow or a joyful tale of romance.
Fashion is weird, impractical, full of pain and not so plain.
Fashion is happiness, it is laughter, a burst of colour, a dream.
It is dark and daring, it is sad, emotive, provocative
Fashion is youthful and innocent and in love with vintage.
It is mesmerising, it's beauty hypnotic, inexplicable.
It is flawless, celebrates the imperfect but tolerates no imperfections. 
Fashion is loud, insane, angelic yet devilish.
Fashion is sensitive, vulnerably and heedless.
It is all colours, it is all textures. It flows in all directions and it is everywhere..  
Fashion is love.

Sunday, 8 January 2012


Like many ordinary people I find myself baffled by some so called artistic images; usually left confused and unable to interpret what I'm confronted with. Often left with the question what does it all mean? I have heard many times that when presented with a piece of art whether it be a song, a picture or a drawing; you should be able to see a narrative or a story. The story you see need not be that intended by the artist, this story  is your own interpretation of the art piece. One can be brought to tears by a Spanish performance of a ballet musical; not knowing what the words mean yet still moved by ones interpretation of the movements and the expressions of the artists. The connection with an art piece is similar to that of the Spanish musical, it is inexplicable and at times difficult to understand.

Fine art encompass all art forms developed primarily for aesthetics rather than practical application.  All visual and performing art is fine art. 
African art leaves me a little less confused than art from any where else in the world. There is nothing blend or boring about African art; the colours are bold, the images daring and moving. The images of dark skinned women with full bosoms and haunting eyes send chills down my spine. The colourful people on the canvas, the vast landscapes and stacked tin roofs feel like déjà vu.The depictions feel as though they are of me; the narrative is familiar as if I have lived it...there is an easy connection. 

Comic art is one of the more popular forms of art especially amongst the youth. Established as early as the 19th century, this art form wasn't born yesterday. More than any other, comic art's purpose is to tell a story. It is one of the most bankable art forms with the ability to move  swiftly from paper to screen. The art work below is by a young passionate artist Mvelo Makongolo working under Mvelo Comics; his work is evident of his attention to detail and the crazy streak I think every comic artist should possess. Any artist with the ability to make pencil on paper this evocative is talented beyond words.

By Mvelo Comics Makongolo/Facebook

By Mvelo Comics Makongolo/Facebook
By Mvelo Comics Makongolo/Facebook
Abstract art is a visual form of fine art that does not use any real properties of the world; but rather uses colour and lines to create a picture. Below are are great examples of this form of art by Portia Ntuli. Like most great artists Portia does not premeditate her paintings; this was a spontaneous paint meets canvas incident with fabulous results. Her use of colour is bold and the moving feet leave you with a sense of wonder. 

Moving Feet by Portia Ntuli

Moving Feet by Portia Ntuli
Moving Feet by Portia Ntuli
Contemporary art is perhaps the art form that confused me the most and yet equally intrigued me. This is the art that has been and continues to be created during our lifetime. I battled to understand the depictions of contemporary art or what message the artists intended; until I was captured by this haunting sculpture of a little boy gazing with much intent at the sky. I realised that I need not understand all contemporary art I need only connect with individual pieces.

LeBelle by Kevin Brand Spier Contemporary 2007 book

LeBelle by Kevin Brand Spier Contemporary 2007 book
Whatever your preference, Africa has it. This may just be the year to start a respectable art collection.

Sunday, 1 January 2012




Sometimes..there is more than one perfect shade of blue.

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