Wednesday, 21 November 2012


Beauty is pain. Or in every fashionista's case fashion can be painful..
This lovely floor length skirt is a traditional Xhosa design known as uMbhaco. It has been made in a wrap around cut and fashioned from very heavy material. I had to walk with purpose and poise just to carry this look.
Women have been suffering for beauty and fashion for centuries, so what’s a little heavy skirt in a girl’s fashion journey?

Traditionally this skirt would be worn with a matching shawl, also made from heavy material..a lot of beads, a turban and facial art work.

I didn't go for the entire shebang because I wanted to keep the look traditional with a little modern edge. The Zara necklace added a modern interpretation of the beads and a refreshing splash of color.

I love the high waist of the skirt and the fact that it fits perfectly thanks to the wrap around design. The A line cut is always flattering with the right length.
To keep the skirt informal, I dressed it down with flat sandals.

For a more dressed up effect in the evening you can wear this skirt with a strapless bustier in denim or black.

The black cotton t shirt is from Woolies, the skirt was made for me by Mzanzi designs Emporium in Maponya mall.
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