Sunday, 28 April 2013

My birthday month

April is my favorite month; 1: because its my birthday month and 2: because I usually get a lot of gifts during this month and 3: because its the month after my engagement month.  Whats not to love?
It has been such a wonderful month, not only was it my bday on the 18th but most of my friends were also born in April so its been a continuous celebration. One of my very good friends got married on the 27th of April..what a beautiful wedding it was..

I wore this outfit to a birthday lunch, the weather is still warm with a little chill in the air just to remind us not to get too comfortable because Winter is not far off.

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Monday, 15 April 2013


OMG over a 100 followers. Thank you so much everyone. I can't believe it.  So grateful. Next stop 1000!

Sunday, 14 April 2013

Cute socks

Autumn is in and Winter is seriously looming. I love the colder weather.. because with it come fab looks with boots and silk scarves.
I am determined to not have a boring winter and with all the exciting winter trends such as velvet (love) and tapestry it should not be too hard to accomplish.
One of the most fun ways for me to keep warm this winter is colorfully cute socks. These can be worn with boots, heels and even sandals.
They really bring a certain cutesy and whimsy to a look.
What do you think?

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Sunday, 7 April 2013

The Carrie Diaries

So it would appear that before Sex and before the City there was Carrie. Leaving a normal high school life away from New York. Carrie is no ordinary high school girl, she was born with a good eye for shoes and a passion to write. Before she could afford Manolos Carrie's style may not have been designer but it was iconic even at 16 years.

The Carrie diaries looks at Carrie Bradshaw in 1985 as a senior in high school, pre Miranda, Samantha and Charlotte...and definitely pre- Big.
This show could have turned into a desperate attempt to hang on to Sex and City and maybe capitalise on our undying love for Carrie and her shoe closet, but it didn't. It really works, it is very smart and it is not hard to see why Carrie became Carrie.

If you loved older Carrie, then you will adore 16 year old Carrie. She is a little unsure of herself but you can see she is going to grow up to own one of the most envied wardrobes in television.


Monday, 1 April 2013

Floral prints

I wore this outfit to a friend's wedding yesterday. The end of March is technically Autumn, but as you can see I am desperately holding on to the warmth and brightness of Summer. In the morning there was a bit of an overcast but it cleared out later and the day was almost as a gorgeous as the bride.

I wore a floral spring strapless dress with my ultimate strapless bra underneath. I paired the dress with my pastel Nine Wests which I don't wear as often as I had hoped. 
Whenever I wear anything strapless, I worry about the constant pulling up of the bra.  Even with the dancing everything stayed in place the entire night thanks to the magic bra

What a wonderful day it was.

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