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Sunday, 8 September 2013

The Thula Sindi Spring dress

This past Saturday I was in Thohoyandou for a friend's Spring wedding. From what I hear this part of the country is in full blown summer all year long; this day was no different. A summers day straight out of any girl's dream of the perfect wedding...coupled with lush green trees and blossoming flowers, this truly was the perfect day. 
I rocked my Summer it dress from Thula Sindi and managed to stay cool all day. 

About the look| Dress| Thula Sindi get similar| Heels| Steve Madden| Bag| Forever new| Sunnies| Tom Ford

Friday, 2 August 2013

Casual Friday look

This is my casual Friday look at the office..a little casual, a little sheer,a lot of chic.


Saturday, 8 June 2013

Mbhaco and Turban

These are  the last pictures from my fabulous urban photo sad. Soon I'll be back to my usual self portraits and photos taken by my reluctant photographer who is also my fiance.

The concept of the look was traditional glamour. Taking a Xhosa traditional skirt (Mbhaco) and glitzing it up with pearls and sequins. An integral part of the traditional Xhosa women's gear is a huge head wrap; instead of that I opted for the lighter, easier to wear turban. These photos, like the yellow dress pics were taken at the Maboneng precinct in the city center.
I hope you enjoyed the photos curtesy of my talented photographer friend Portia. Visit her blog Picture Splendour for more amazing art work.

About the look| Mbhaco|Couture by Mzansi designs Emporium |Sequin top| Jo Borkett| Turban| HVC

Photographer| Portia Ntuli
Styling| Busi Mgoboli

Monday, 3 June 2013

Easy like a Sunday morning..

I love the easy like a Sunday morning feel of these pictures. Posh and I took these at Mary-Fitzgerald square in-front of Museum Africa. The wind came to play, and what fun it was.

About the look|Maxi dress worn as a skirt| Wichery| Cardigan| Forever new

Photographer Portia Ntuli
Styling Busi Mgoboli

Monday, 27 May 2013

The Urban shoot...continued!

My urban shoot..continued. Posh and I were so excited when we found this gate in the Maboneng Precinct. It posed the perfect back drop; the black, white and red checked pattern of the gate contrasts perfectly with the bright yellow dress.

We also found an art exhibition on the street  that caught our eye...

For this look I chose the Thula Sindi twist dress; its striking brightness seemed perfect to contend with the zealous personality of the city. The turban has been fashioned out of a Jo Borkett scarf.

About the look|The fabulous yellow dress|Thula Sindi|Boots|Edgars|Turban|Jo Borkett|Sling bag|Aldo

About the shoot|
Photography| Portia Ntuli
Styling|Busi Mgoboli

Friday, 24 May 2013

Urban photo shoot

My very talented friend Portia asked me to part of her Urban photo shoot last week. Her concept was very exciting; she wanted to showcase the excitement and buzzy attitude of the city. And what better way to capture that energy than by showcasing the amazing graffiti art work that feels more like part of the bridges and buildings than the bricks that support the structures.

We has so much fun in downtown Jozi, she made feel so comfortable in-front of the camera and I think we got some good photos. Watch this space for more photos to come; we did three different gorgeous locations.
This lady has a bright future in photography; when she has pictures on Elle I can say I was her first. To see more of Posh's amazing talent, visit her a blog Picture Splendour


Photographer & Director| Portia Ntuli
Model| Busi Mgoboli
Stylist|Busi Mgoboli
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