Saturday, 7 April 2012

Hand me the turban..

The turban is still my favorite head gear. Luckily for me, its still hot for autumn and winter 2012. Its especially useful for those damn bad hair days. The turban brings effortless chic to any look...whether you are wearing a dress, jeans, or a shorts.
My phylosophy when it comes to turbans is the brighter and bolder the scarf the bettter.

In this look I wore one of my favourite dresses, the material makes it appear as if your body does not have a single imperfection. The colour is quite gloriously yellow. My turban is printed in black hearts and is really a lot less bolder than the dress but I feel works well with it. 

The dress is from Zara, the black sling bag is Aldo and the lovely scarf worn as a turban is Mr Price.

Sunday, 1 April 2012


I don't usually buy Marie Claire. I often debate whether they cater to my needs. This month I caught a glimpse of their fab cover of Angelina Jolie and I just had to have it. This purchase was purely based on Angie and nothing else. I rushed home to start reading; I flipped through the pages looking for the Jolie article. I was struck and pleasantly surprised by the article on modern day Sangomas. This is a topic that we all avoid, mostly because we don't understand Sangomas and frankly the entire thing makes us uncomfortable. I say bravo MC for starting the conversation about the tricky topics and really for showing that you care about the African girl's issues. Still smiling from ear to ear over the Sangoma article, then bang..the most fabulous androgynous face ever gracing the fashion spread. This glorious face reminded me so much of Grace Jones. A dark skinned mannish beauty that made me wish I were a boy. Who is she? Well her name is Selena Ayala, and she is far from mannish, infact she is quite gorgeous in a very girly way. That made me really appreciate how wonderful a job the team did (photographer, make up and stylist) on this shoot. I couldn't get you the wonderful boyish photos; see MC April issue please. 

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