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Monday, 9 December 2013

Thursday, 28 February 2013


Grazia and Jo Borkett hosted a winter trends readers night in Sandton this Tuesday.
Champagne and macaroons in hand, the Grazia team took us through what we can expect to be wearing in a few weeks from Jo Borkett in line with fashion trends.

You can expect more peplums (Yay), brocade (not a fan, would rather leave this fabric to grand ma's curtains), leather, camouflage, prints and lots of knit wear. I'm excited to wear some leather and camouflage; I also can't wait for winter knits for when a coat is just too much. 
Another surprising yet interesting trend is velvet, my friend and I went gaga for Jo Borkett's velvet skater skirts in black or maroon. This winter will be full of lush, feminine and luxurious fabrics.    

What I wore..

I wore black and white slim leg pants with a cropped t-shirt and a tux blazer. The pants are very comfortable and casual, pairing them with the tux blazer made more a little more dressier. The blazer is from H&M, the pants are Cotton on and the tank top is from Mr Price. 

The shopping..
What do you get when you put a group of women in a Jo Borkett store with everything on the floor at 30% less?..Madness!

The jacket of the season..

I fell in love with the ox blood clutch with studs, and the most beautiful leather sleeves winter jacket.

The Fashion..

Monday, 5 November 2012


Sarie, the Afrikaans women's magazine has the most adorable online store. They stock clothing from Christopher Strong Michelle Ludek, Habits and many more.
I did the happy dance when I found this site; just the other day I was complaining about how there aren't enough stores with local designed clothing.. 
The fact that my Afrikaans is unusable didn't matter, I would know the word skirt in any language. This site is soo much fun and it really has a wide range of clothing..from a longish list of designers.
You must visit it; the site comes in English as well if your Afrikaans is also lacking.

Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Grazia SA readers event

Last night I attended the very first Grazia SA's readers event in Rosebank. It was an Italian affair where   colors,  patterns and eye shadow were the topics on everyone's lips. Wine flowed freely while the Grazia team gave fashion and beauty tips for the season. The evening was a definite a success; all the right ingredients that make the perfect dinner party were present.. Wine, Fashion, Pasta and and the oh so glorious goodie bag.

What I wore:
I wore my Thula Sindi yellow dress, which is my full proof go to outfit.
I paired it with pink 9wests and a blue beaded beck piece.

The fabulous goodie bags:

Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Oh Solange..

If you know me at all, then you know I love most things Solange Knowles...When it comes to timeless style Solange equals fabulous.
Solange was recently in sunny SA shooting her music video in the Cape Town townships...While she was here she also shot the November cover for our Elle magazine.
Looking like a modern day African princess on the cover she makes fussy prints look effortless with a bold red lip.
A fashion IT girl, musician, dj, model and a mother; Solange brings new meaning to multitasking, all while looking stylish.
She collaborated with local designers to the fashion style of her music video, and she is wearing local is lekker on the cover as well...

Have you noticed Elle SA is just getting better and better and better...xo

Wednesday, 26 September 2012


You may not think it, but this is big. Bigger than getting a reality tv show deal.

I am talking about Bonang on the cover of ELLE SA.  When I first saw the cover it didn't click immediately how rare it is for local starts to be on the cover of Elle..Its especially rare for a black local star. 
The last copy of Elle SA I have with a black woman on the cover had international supermodel Alek Wek.. 

So well done Elle, and I'm certain the sales numbers won't drop.. a popular excuse used by  some international mags for not putting black stars on their covers.
And bravo B..not my favourite photo of her but she is donning Louis Vuitton head to toe..making her the envy of every girl.

Friday, 10 August 2012


When I first saw Grazia SA on the magazine stands, the cover plastered with a glossy photo of Jenifer Lopez, I thought "Oh no, another gossip magazine". 
They (Grazians) call themselves a fashion and news weekly; so driven only by the word "fashion" in that statement, I bought a copy...and every other weekly copy since then.. 

I, like many frown upon gossip/ celebrity news magazines because I feel  I am an intelligent woman who wants to be stimulated and inspired by the magazine I read, and should not be patronized or underestimated. 
I have little interest in the lives of "celebrities", with that said I do have a healthy appetite for the highlights of  who wore what and who did what scandalous thing in tinsel town.  

Grazia is quite classy; with an acceptable amount of gossip, and a whole lot of fashion in a bite size offering, making it easy for me to part with my R20. 

You can expect updates on the latest fashion trends, exactly where to buy the trends and some very impressive fashion spreads with local fashion.

If you are a fashion lover, but don't have the time to go through pages and pages of thick maga-books because you actually have a life?..then Grazia is for you. Short and sweet. The best thing in SA since Glamour. Visit the fab team at and get your copy every Friday. 

Sunday, 1 April 2012


I don't usually buy Marie Claire. I often debate whether they cater to my needs. This month I caught a glimpse of their fab cover of Angelina Jolie and I just had to have it. This purchase was purely based on Angie and nothing else. I rushed home to start reading; I flipped through the pages looking for the Jolie article. I was struck and pleasantly surprised by the article on modern day Sangomas. This is a topic that we all avoid, mostly because we don't understand Sangomas and frankly the entire thing makes us uncomfortable. I say bravo MC for starting the conversation about the tricky topics and really for showing that you care about the African girl's issues. Still smiling from ear to ear over the Sangoma article, then bang..the most fabulous androgynous face ever gracing the fashion spread. This glorious face reminded me so much of Grace Jones. A dark skinned mannish beauty that made me wish I were a boy. Who is she? Well her name is Selena Ayala, and she is far from mannish, infact she is quite gorgeous in a very girly way. That made me really appreciate how wonderful a job the team did (photographer, make up and stylist) on this shoot. I couldn't get you the wonderful boyish photos; see MC April issue please. 

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