Thursday, 28 February 2013


Grazia and Jo Borkett hosted a winter trends readers night in Sandton this Tuesday.
Champagne and macaroons in hand, the Grazia team took us through what we can expect to be wearing in a few weeks from Jo Borkett in line with fashion trends.

You can expect more peplums (Yay), brocade (not a fan, would rather leave this fabric to grand ma's curtains), leather, camouflage, prints and lots of knit wear. I'm excited to wear some leather and camouflage; I also can't wait for winter knits for when a coat is just too much. 
Another surprising yet interesting trend is velvet, my friend and I went gaga for Jo Borkett's velvet skater skirts in black or maroon. This winter will be full of lush, feminine and luxurious fabrics.    

What I wore..

I wore black and white slim leg pants with a cropped t-shirt and a tux blazer. The pants are very comfortable and casual, pairing them with the tux blazer made more a little more dressier. The blazer is from H&M, the pants are Cotton on and the tank top is from Mr Price. 

The shopping..
What do you get when you put a group of women in a Jo Borkett store with everything on the floor at 30% less?..Madness!

The jacket of the season..

I fell in love with the ox blood clutch with studs, and the most beautiful leather sleeves winter jacket.

The Fashion..

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