Monday, 27 May 2013

The Urban shoot...continued!

My urban shoot..continued. Posh and I were so excited when we found this gate in the Maboneng Precinct. It posed the perfect back drop; the black, white and red checked pattern of the gate contrasts perfectly with the bright yellow dress.

We also found an art exhibition on the street  that caught our eye...

For this look I chose the Thula Sindi twist dress; its striking brightness seemed perfect to contend with the zealous personality of the city. The turban has been fashioned out of a Jo Borkett scarf.

About the look|The fabulous yellow dress|Thula Sindi|Boots|Edgars|Turban|Jo Borkett|Sling bag|Aldo

About the shoot|
Photography| Portia Ntuli
Styling|Busi Mgoboli

Friday, 24 May 2013

Urban photo shoot

My very talented friend Portia asked me to part of her Urban photo shoot last week. Her concept was very exciting; she wanted to showcase the excitement and buzzy attitude of the city. And what better way to capture that energy than by showcasing the amazing graffiti art work that feels more like part of the bridges and buildings than the bricks that support the structures.

We has so much fun in downtown Jozi, she made feel so comfortable in-front of the camera and I think we got some good photos. Watch this space for more photos to come; we did three different gorgeous locations.
This lady has a bright future in photography; when she has pictures on Elle I can say I was her first. To see more of Posh's amazing talent, visit her a blog Picture Splendour


Photographer & Director| Portia Ntuli
Model| Busi Mgoboli
Stylist|Busi Mgoboli

Friday, 17 May 2013

The great Gatsby premier

ELLESA magazine, Waner Bros and Monte Casino hosted the South African premier of the Great Gatsby last night.
The evening had a chill in the air warmed only by the icy martinis served through out out the night cutesy of Martini. 20's style was the order of the day, I however opted for a more 60's style silhouette velvet dress.

Advice from Malcom Kluk and Christian of KLUK CGDT is that if you are going to do a 1920's look for daytime wear; only select one piece from this era. If you wear the dropped waist dress, don't wear the head piece as well and wear minimal pearls..that way you won't look too costumey.

The movie The great Gatsby is a visual feast in 3D; if for nothing else go and watch it for the costumes and the Gatsby parties. You will certainly feel like your weekends are too tame.  

The highlight of the night was running into my fave designer Thula Sindi. I had chatted to him over email and twitter before but never in person. He is so down to earth and low key and easy going, we had a quick chat in-between cocktails and took some pics of course. 

The evening was a lot of fun. 

Thula and Me


Saturday, 11 May 2013


If you love me and you want to show me just how much...Then BUY me one or all of these boots. That is all.

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Friday, 10 May 2013

SCANDAL..a.k.a The Fixer

My latest tv series obsession is Scandal a.k.a. The fixer in South Africa. I haven't been this hooked on a show since The walking dead. The plot revolves around Olivia Pope an attorney running a crisis management firm that "fixes" problems from Murder to kidnapping and stealing classified government intelligence. In the mix of all the drama, Olivia is also in-love with the president of the USA who is married with children.

The show was created by Shonda Rhimes who also created Greys Anatomy. The acting and writing are both brilliant and captivating. Kerry Washington plays Olivia and is giving the performance of her life.
I am totally crushing on Olivia Pope; she's a dedicated workaholic with perfect hair and glowing skin..wonder who does her makeup...her ex boyfriend is the president of the USA and  she goes home every night to an all white apartment *Sigh*
Bellamy Young plays Melli the scorned, yet dutiful wife of the president. She is ambitious and will do anything to stay in the white house..even stay in a loveless marriage. Bellamy's performance is reverting and you just cant help but love both the wife and the mistress.

Eeeeehh...and the guy they are fighting over? not worth mentioning.

 The Fixer season 2 starts on M-NET Monday the 8th of May at 20:30.

Olivia Pope- the fixer...the mistress

The first Lady..the wife Mellie 

The stylish Kerry Washington in Miu Miu earlier this year at the Golden Globles

Saturday, 4 May 2013


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