Saturday, 25 August 2012

Beaded bliss

I love colour, bright beautiful and oh so summer-ry pop your eyes out colour!
The focus of this look is definitely the bright Zara neckpiece...I knew immediately I saw it that I had to have it. It has the perfect mixture of yellow and turquoise beads.

I didn't want to wear the beads with a dark top so I wore an orange vest which goes great with beads. The black skirt is a tulip shaped skirt, that gives the appropriate amount of added hips. This skirt is from a Marion and Lindie collection and is one of my best buys.

You asked me to share my outfit details..there you go!

Top- Mr Price
Skirt - Marion and Lindi
Necklace- Zara
Shoes- Zoom
Bag- Woolworths

Tuesday, 21 August 2012


Look for the woman in the dress. If there is no woman, there is no dress.- CC

This stunning yellow dress with a twist interpretation of the peplum is by Thula Sindi, one of my favorite designers.

This dress is perfect for the office...its perfectly fitting due to its stretchy fabric and it is thee power dress. 
The bright yellow color immediately improves my mood.

I wore this dress with nude Guess sling backs; it would also look great with black court shoes. 
If you are not an office girl, you can wear this for cocktails with strappy sandals. 

Sunday, 19 August 2012


Despite the chill in the air, Spring is without a doubt here. I am over winter and I'm equally over pastels. Time to brighten it up ladies!!

This asymetrical skirt is from Mr Price, it's bright pattern is very appropriate for the season.Because the skirt is so loud, I toned it down with a white top and white strappy sandals.

     I added my favourite accessory, the belt to complete the look.

Friday, 10 August 2012


When I first saw Grazia SA on the magazine stands, the cover plastered with a glossy photo of Jenifer Lopez, I thought "Oh no, another gossip magazine". 
They (Grazians) call themselves a fashion and news weekly; so driven only by the word "fashion" in that statement, I bought a copy...and every other weekly copy since then.. 

I, like many frown upon gossip/ celebrity news magazines because I feel  I am an intelligent woman who wants to be stimulated and inspired by the magazine I read, and should not be patronized or underestimated. 
I have little interest in the lives of "celebrities", with that said I do have a healthy appetite for the highlights of  who wore what and who did what scandalous thing in tinsel town.  

Grazia is quite classy; with an acceptable amount of gossip, and a whole lot of fashion in a bite size offering, making it easy for me to part with my R20. 

You can expect updates on the latest fashion trends, exactly where to buy the trends and some very impressive fashion spreads with local fashion.

If you are a fashion lover, but don't have the time to go through pages and pages of thick maga-books because you actually have a life?..then Grazia is for you. Short and sweet. The best thing in SA since Glamour. Visit the fab team at and get your copy every Friday. 

Saturday, 4 August 2012

Elle loves being a woman..

The JHB Elle I am women event took place today at the ever so stylish  Summer place. This event was filled with chic and absolute beauty; our glasses flowed with wine, whilst the water fountain oozed magnificence from every drop of water. I am women, was all about the modern women; beauty, fashion, love, botox were among the hot topics discussed by the amazing women in attendance. The theme of the day was that every women has the birth right to look and feel beautiful.. The day was  a a resounding success  not only because of the fabulous fashion, magnificent venue and the coveted goodie bag, but because this was an event by women for women and for the advancement of women. .

My friends and I ate, drank, laughed and learnt. . . Fashion, wine and botox proved to be a fabulous combo; leaving us spectacularly impressed by the  Elle team.

Wednesday, 1 August 2012


TOPSHOP, the famous and fabulous high street British retail store is opening in SA in November. YaY! 

EDCON together with House of Busby has been granted the South African franchise rights for TOPSHOP and TOPMAM.

So what does this mean for the local fashion industry? The rules of demand and supply should apply. The greater variety and supply in the market will push the prices down. . more retailers will competing for the same market.  
This is of course good news for the consumer but questions must be asked about how this will affect local production.

Unfortunately whilst I can now buy Zara and TOPSHOP locally at somewhat reasonable prices, the local producers of fashion who can't afford to lower their prices and still make a profit may suffer. .
On the bright side; soon we can dress like the Duchess of Cambridge who has been spotted many times rocking TOPSHOP. YAY again!

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