Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Williams sisters in Johannesburg

Serena and Venus Williams will be in the country this November to promote women's rights through their Breaking Mould campaign.  They will play two exhibition matches, one in Nigeria and one in Johannesburg's Ellis park indoor arena.

I am a big Serana Williams fan, I love her powerhouse tennis persona and her super atheletic body.

The breaking Mould initiative said the two tenis stars trip to Africa is aimed at promoting "the role that women play in shifting perceptions and encouraging development at all levels across the African continent,"
Girl power!

I am going to the match; I just could not let the chance to watch world class tennis in my back yard pass me by. See you there if you are going or you can watch the match at home, SABC3 will be broadcasting it live.
The Johannesburg match is on Sarturday the 3rd at 13:00.

Tuesday, 30 October 2012


Many of us really want to support the local fashion industry; not as a favor to local designers but because we simply love the clothes. The fact that we are boosting local businesses in the process is a bonus. 

The problem is we have no idea where to buy locally designed clothes.

There is 36 boutiques, which is one of the very few online stores that offer a limited range of some great local designers; its convenient, the website is simple to use, its safe and I can buy a dress at 23:00. 

Parkhurst in JHB  is the other place where you can find cute boutique stores that carry local designs.
I really don't know any other places in JHB that offer a wide range of local designers under one roof.

I feel like there is a missing link between the consumer and the designers. 

Fashion is a business like any other; the number of units sold multiplied by the price per unit gives you your turnover. Therefore to increase your turnover you need to increase the number of units sold.  You can increase the price, but only to a certain point as consumers will only buy a product at a certain price range..My point is if designers need to sell products to customers to make money why then is there such a gap between the two parties...

Are designers already selling enough?

Which stores carry local designers? And why don't designers have websites with their latest lines and more importantly where to find their latest lines? I'm not talking about a long list of stockist that at most times don't event have the latest merchandise..I am talking about a real time link with accurate information of where to buy a particular piece.
This may not apply to all designers but certainly applies to many..

Let me give at least three examples:
1. Faeeza Khan's fab shweshwe print skirts were featured on Elle magazine some months ago; I called around, googled, came up empty handed..I did however find her fabulous blog during the search(:

2. Again some months ago, I went to a fashion show courtesy of Elle magazine; there were some lovely Christopher Strong dresses I had to have..Looked around, went to Parkhurst, called the company; All I got was sorry we are based in Cape town..*sigh*

3. More recently I saw a wonderfully floral Thula Sindi dress to die for on Grazia magazine; I called the stockist's number.. and it just rang unanswered..I really love this dress so I tweeted the designer himself..

You know that you are the only one who wants the relationship? Are local designers too good for us?

Sunday, 28 October 2012


The Johannesburg fashion week comes to a close this Sunday. On Saturday I saw the Loin Cloth and Ashes  and Thula Sindi shows.

The Loin Cloth and Ashes's collection was full of romantic whites and the usual African prints we have come to expect. Anisa collaborated with DJ Anele Mdoda; they wanted to create a collection that was feminine and had an adventurous soul.

Thula Sindi's show delivered as expected. Lady like glamour, with flowy skirts, peplum tops and cliched at the waist dresses. As usual his clothes are practical and wearable. Thula seems to be having a love affair with leather; some of his clothes have pieces of leather in them and he closed his show with all the models wearing leather jackets. I'll post photos soon.

What I took from the shows is that prints are here to stay; whether animal or African, dresses and skirts continue to rule..short long or midi. Loin cloth also showed some one piece jumpsuits. 
Tis the season of the lady!

While I was having lunch waiting for the Loin Cloth and Ashes show to start, I noticed the Satorialist sitting across from me  also having lunch and taking a breather between shows.

What I wore:
Skirt- Loin Cloth and Ashes
Jersey - Forever new
Neck piece- Zara
Shoes- Aldo
Sling Bag- Woolies

The Satorialist and I

Friday, 26 October 2012

Thula Sindi

OMG, this new arrival at is to die for. 

Its a Thula Sindi Denim dress with dots and leather trimmings..Amazing! In typical Thula style, this dress is classy and ladylike. I love that the leather bits and the asymmetrical cut bring a little playfulness..
Adult looking denim is how I describe this dress...It is a must have.

Its going for R 1,399.

Please go to http// to see and buy the dress.

Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Grazia SA readers event

Last night I attended the very first Grazia SA's readers event in Rosebank. It was an Italian affair where   colors,  patterns and eye shadow were the topics on everyone's lips. Wine flowed freely while the Grazia team gave fashion and beauty tips for the season. The evening was a definite a success; all the right ingredients that make the perfect dinner party were present.. Wine, Fashion, Pasta and and the oh so glorious goodie bag.

What I wore:
I wore my Thula Sindi yellow dress, which is my full proof go to outfit.
I paired it with pink 9wests and a blue beaded beck piece.

The fabulous goodie bags:

Sunday, 21 October 2012

Floral prints!

I tried my hand at the floral print trend with a peplum skirt from Jo Borkett. 

There are only two rules on how to wear floral prints as far as I'm concerned:  
- 1, You can do as I have done by pairing your floral skirt or pants with a simple one colour top.  The loud prints are toned down by the single tone top and no one gets a headache from looking at you. 
- 2, You can pair prints with prints and have an over the top fabulous outfit that is not to be worn by the faint hearted. You pick! 

I wore this outfit to a sunny spring lunch, I ended up swapping the heels for flats and it worked just as well.   

About the outfit:
- Skirt- Jo Borkett
- Top- Woolies

Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Oh Solange..

If you know me at all, then you know I love most things Solange Knowles...When it comes to timeless style Solange equals fabulous.
Solange was recently in sunny SA shooting her music video in the Cape Town townships...While she was here she also shot the November cover for our Elle magazine.
Looking like a modern day African princess on the cover she makes fussy prints look effortless with a bold red lip.
A fashion IT girl, musician, dj, model and a mother; Solange brings new meaning to multitasking, all while looking stylish.
She collaborated with local designers to the fashion style of her music video, and she is wearing local is lekker on the cover as well...

Have you noticed Elle SA is just getting better and better and better...xo

Sunday, 14 October 2012

Mercedes- Benz Fashion week Africa 2012

The Mercedes- Benz Fashion week Africa 2012 is taking place from the 24th to the 28th of October in Johannesburg's Melrose Arch...very stylish..

All of fashion will be there, from designers, to fashion editors, to stylists, writers and bloggers and of course the everyday fashionistas. 

I got a personal invite from Thula Sindi to attend his show, I am very excited to see what he showcases.
His clothes are always a great impression of the modern, highly fashionable, on the go woman.
He pays close attention to detail and his clothes are really comfortable proving Coco Chanel's sentiments.. "Luxury must be comfortable or it is not luxury"  

I am also looking forward to seeing Selfi, Kluk CGDT and Habits. 
Let the show begin..I'll keep you posted.

Follow this link to learn more about fashion week Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Africa 2012.

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